Friday, June 24, 2005


Just wrapped up at the DOIN' The STUFF conference last night here in Houston. Wow! It was a great time. I had a great band backing me up for the event - Begee on drum, Anthony on bass, Wade Dupree on guitar, and Micheal on keys. I only got one of their last names but they rocked all around. It's a scary thing playing with musicians with whom you've never played before but with these guys there was instant chemistry. There were about 350 kids who, as my good friend Casey Campbell would say, were worshipping their faces off! Don Williams was the main speaker for the week and really taught some very insightful things on the parables of Jesus. Anyway it was a great time. Now to head back to New Orleans. By the way anyone reading this who was at the DTS conference who got some good pics email them to me at crispytunes at and I'll post them on the site. I just forgot to take any.


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Ashkins529 said...

Thank you for leading us into some awesome worship at the DTS Conference. It was truly a blessing. Nothing like so many teenagers and leaders worshipping together!