Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Well Hello!

Greetings Everyone from Crispytune Land. This is the first post from my newly created blog. This is the place you can go to get the latest in news, random thoughts, and ancient proverbs. Check in often there's much more to come.

CDs I'm Listening to lately:

Jon Scofield Band - Up All Night (2003) (Jazz/Jam)
Bebel Gilberto (Self-titled 2005) (Brazillian)
Medeski, Martin, & Wood - Combustication(1997) (Funk/Jazz/ Jam)
Elvis Costello & The Imposters - Delivery Man (2004) (Roots Rock)
Wilco - Being There (1996) (Alt Country/Rock)
Willie Nelson - Teatro (1998) (Country)
Ryan Delmore - Devotion (2003) (roots worship)
Ziggy Marley - Dragonfly(2003) (rock/reggea)
Ben Davis - Crown Of Mercy (2005) (rock/worship)

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