Friday, September 30, 2005

Drive By Lunchings

Well today we did some drive by lunchings in the University City area of Kenner. Dina, Ezra and I just drove through the neighborhoods distributing hot meals for lunch today. The area has quite a bit of damage but many are returning to rebuild. Right now I'm sitting in front of the local Starbucks using their T-Mobile Wireless internet. The Starbucks is closed and will likely be closed for a while being that they have some repairs but fortunately they are offering T-Mobile Wireless for free. It's just a little hot using it outdside right now.

If making ordinary phone calls weren't hard enough right now, try calling a radio station. Our church is putting together a job fair for next Tuesday night and I'm trying to call WWL 870 AM to get the word out . I'm into my first 20 attempts right now. I've set aside an hour to get through. Hopefully my cell phone battery will hold out. Well that's the update from Kenner right now.


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Cabana Our New Home

We have moved into our 5th place in a month. Now my wife and kids and I are in the same place. The place is a cabana by the pool of some folks from our church. The quarters are a little c ramped but, hey there's a pool at least. The kids still are treating this as a big vacation, but it is getting a little old moving around all of the time with no permanent place in sight in the near future. This week we have several teams of folks in from Indiana Vineyard Churches. We've been doing alot of ripping carpet and moving stuff. We also were able to drop a whole truckload of school supplies off at my daughter's school which will be restarting next Monday. The school was very grateful. It is seriously a huge blessing to be helping the community out in such crazy times. I feel as if the church is really getting to be the church. In a time when political and governmental systems are clogged up many are finding that churches are opperating much more efficiently in meeting real needs in the community. It's great to be a part of what's going on.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

First Gig Post-Katrina Coming Up

Well the last few days I've been more of a cook than anything. Thanks to Jimmy Jam Bordelon for loning us the pit from his plant. We've been turning out alot of barbeque chicken and sausage for our community. This Friday I will do my first Post-Katrina gig. I just realized a couple of days ago that I had a gig scheduled at Sugacanes in Hammond. I called this afternoon and it's still on. I'll have to do the thing a little more unplugged than normal because Katrina killed my Fender Rhodes, my keyboard and my Hammond organ as well as my guitar amps. But I saved my acoustic guitars so the show will go on. It will be nice to play some music again.


Sunday, September 18, 2005

A Close One

On a lighter note I decided to post some pics from the day Katrina blew through. We had been staying at Micah's in Gonzales (about 10 miles Southeast of Baton Rouge). The hurricane had pretty much blown through and we decided to get out of the house and explore. While walking through the forest behind Micah's home, Micah noticed a couple of Crawfish on the ground. He got our attention and me and Brian bent down with micah to look at them. A good gust of wind blew by followed by a cracking sound above our heads. We all ran for cover and a huge couple of branches came crashing down in the very spot we had been standing. So naturally we ran back to the house, grabbed a camera and came back for photos. Pictured here are each of the brave warriors holding the slain branch.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wet Carpet and Jambalaya

Each day things seem to be getting better in Kenner. Today we were joined by some guys from a Vineyard church in Boise, Idaho and Mt. Ranier, Washington. We ripped out carpet in some of my neighbors apartments and sprayed the walls with bleach. Later in the afternoon, we distributed Jambalaya dinners to folks in the community. Oh, the power of hot food. This jambalaya was our first attempt at cooking with a mobile kitchen that had been donated to our church. The first attempt wasn't half bad. Tomorrow we will cook 3 times as much and see if we can still keep the quality. We have another group coming in this weekend to work. It is really awesome to have folks from other states coming in to help with the relief. Exciting days ahead.


Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Beginning of Reconstruction

I'm back with my wife and kids in Baytown (East side of Houston) for a couple of days. For now it looks like I will be helping with reconstruction in Kenner during the week and coming back to Baytown to be with my family on the weekends. We are very thankful for Wayne and Becky Guest giving us some temporary housing and their friends and neighbors for reaching out to our family in these crazy days. Though the situation is tough with me having to be separated from my family alot, they are really in good hands and well taken care of.

Our church, Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Kenner, has been invited to partner with the city to help in getting the area going again. Our church will be setting up a kitchen at city hall next week to feed city workers, policemen, etc. Currently there is a team down from Missouri who are helping cut away fallen trees and debree in the way of people's houses. We are also setting up a few relief areas in our community to help distribute supplies to area residents. Everything is really starting to come together. I will keep updates coming as I find internet connections.

Keep us in your prayers.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A guy in a Ford F250 Super Duty was forced to ask me for a pull because no one else was around. I just had to get a pic of this.

Well, the barbeque pit made it!


The first of Relief shipments we've sent out from the Baton Rouge Vineyard staging area.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Workin' My Way Back

Just arrived in the Hammond area (My old stompin' ground) this afternoon. The population in this are is normally fairly small with a few small towns and rural population. Right now there are people everywhere as well as in Baton Rouge. The damage to trees around here is crazy. There are chunks of pine forest that look mowed down, just snapped. Power lines are also down all over the place. And this area wasn't even in the direct path. I know it will only get worse the closer I get to my home in Kenner. I have word from a friend that we only had minor flooding in our home. Of course he only saw things from the outside. But he said things looked pretty decent. I'll see in a day or so.


Saturday, September 03, 2005


I just spent lunch today at a hotel helping a local church get lunch to folks from New Orleans area staying in hotels along I-10. As I talked to several folks I got kind of overwhelmed and had to go outside to collect myself. The weight of this thing is really starting to hit me. I feel really blessed to have my wife and 2 kids, and to have friends who have opened up their homes, and pantries, etc. to us. This isn't the case for everyone I've met. I feel bad that I have it so good but can't really help others to the extent that I want to. Tomorrow I will be heading back from Houston to the area around Hammond, Louisiana. Then on Monday I will go check out Kenner with some folks from the staff at our church. Then, who knows...