Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Beginning of Reconstruction

I'm back with my wife and kids in Baytown (East side of Houston) for a couple of days. For now it looks like I will be helping with reconstruction in Kenner during the week and coming back to Baytown to be with my family on the weekends. We are very thankful for Wayne and Becky Guest giving us some temporary housing and their friends and neighbors for reaching out to our family in these crazy days. Though the situation is tough with me having to be separated from my family alot, they are really in good hands and well taken care of.

Our church, Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Kenner, has been invited to partner with the city to help in getting the area going again. Our church will be setting up a kitchen at city hall next week to feed city workers, policemen, etc. Currently there is a team down from Missouri who are helping cut away fallen trees and debree in the way of people's houses. We are also setting up a few relief areas in our community to help distribute supplies to area residents. Everything is really starting to come together. I will keep updates coming as I find internet connections.

Keep us in your prayers.

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