Saturday, September 03, 2005


I just spent lunch today at a hotel helping a local church get lunch to folks from New Orleans area staying in hotels along I-10. As I talked to several folks I got kind of overwhelmed and had to go outside to collect myself. The weight of this thing is really starting to hit me. I feel really blessed to have my wife and 2 kids, and to have friends who have opened up their homes, and pantries, etc. to us. This isn't the case for everyone I've met. I feel bad that I have it so good but can't really help others to the extent that I want to. Tomorrow I will be heading back from Houston to the area around Hammond, Louisiana. Then on Monday I will go check out Kenner with some folks from the staff at our church. Then, who knows...

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Janny said...


I keep hoping to contact John and Laurie. Can you help???????? Please?