Friday, September 30, 2005

Drive By Lunchings

Well today we did some drive by lunchings in the University City area of Kenner. Dina, Ezra and I just drove through the neighborhoods distributing hot meals for lunch today. The area has quite a bit of damage but many are returning to rebuild. Right now I'm sitting in front of the local Starbucks using their T-Mobile Wireless internet. The Starbucks is closed and will likely be closed for a while being that they have some repairs but fortunately they are offering T-Mobile Wireless for free. It's just a little hot using it outdside right now.

If making ordinary phone calls weren't hard enough right now, try calling a radio station. Our church is putting together a job fair for next Tuesday night and I'm trying to call WWL 870 AM to get the word out . I'm into my first 20 attempts right now. I've set aside an hour to get through. Hopefully my cell phone battery will hold out. Well that's the update from Kenner right now.



randall said...

Howdy Crispin, from Boise Idaho! Hey, I would have posted this to one of your newer post, but it appears the comments are turned off. I just wanted to say hi and how glad we were to be able to come up and visit and help out a little.
You gave me a few CD's just as we were leaving on 10/11 and I would like to send you something for them or make a contribution to your band or something. If you e-mail me an address or PayPal info I'll send you something. I put a plug for your CD on my blog at as well as the journal of our trip there, in case you are interested. I am trying to work out the details to come up with another team next month, if I can just get my boss to agree!

randall said...

Oops, I didn't make my contact info too obvious. You could click on my name link or on my blog to find my e-mail address, or I could just give it to you! It's

Tulsa Kelleys said...

Glad to hear that you are doing well. We have joined the blogging world at

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