Sunday, November 06, 2005

Jim Markway Quartet at Snug Harbor

Last night I went down to Snug Harbor, a jazz club down on Frenchman street on the edge of the French Quarter. Frenchmen street is definately coming back which is nice because it doesn't have all of the craziness and tourists that much of the other parts of the quarter are filled with. My friend George Alvey who played bass on a few songs on my last CD invited me after recommending the band highly. The band was off-the-charts good! All of the musicians played with such skill and soul. It was their first gig back in New Orleans and served as a good reminder of the mucial contributions of this region. If you are into Jazz pick this guy's CD up and support New Orleans music.


angry crispin fan said...
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angry crispin fan said...


You cheap bum. You left me hanging on the brewskies @ Snug. Thanks alot! Next time you tell me you're going to the bathroom, I know it really means "This is a great time to make an escape."