Monday, November 28, 2005

Katrina Update

As expected, once national news coverage has died down many think New orleans is back up and running. The truth is that New Orleans, a city of normally around 500,000 is only at about 60,000 at the moment. There are huge issues facing this whole region as the city tries to rebuild. I grow weary of hearing the name "Katrina". In fact I'm trying to make it a day without speaking that name. But, we cannot kid ourselves by pretending that the work is anywhere near done. I know Katrina updates have been kind of absent from my Blog because for sanity's sake I try to get my mind on other things. But this is just a note for everyone outside our area to continue to keep this region in your prayers and don't forget us just because attention in the media is shifting elsewhere. The good news is that Kenner, where we live, is coming back at a good pace. I believe within 6 months we should be back to normal and hopefully within a month my family will be in permanent housing. This will really put us in a much better position to help in rebuilding New Orleans. It's hard to help as much as we want when there is still so much damaged in our community. But as we get our city back we can help bring New Orleans back. So that's the Katrina News for this week.

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