Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Mission Transcends The Music Part 2

So what about the mission as it relates to worship music?

Worship music should be the soundtrack to what God is doing. Sure worship is directed Godward but it is also enfused with his heart for people. When I think back on worship CDs and songs that have impacted me personally oever the years they all have been produced by artists with a very definate missional sensability. A few examples:

1. Enter The Worship Circle - 100 Portraits and Waterdeep
This CD was chock full very subversive and dangerous stuff. Birthed out of community and missions the songs spread like wildfire through college ministries, and youth groups, and churches throughout the United States. It's ironic that in these days of polished-perfect, market-driven worship CDs that Enter The Worship Circle's lo-fi earthiness struck such a big chord. I believe that part of it was due to the movement of God that it accompanied. 100 Portraits and Waterdeep had cultivated relationships with college students all across America by helping engage in outreach and missions. These songs were the soundtrack to what they were doing. They were'nt cool worship songs, just real worship songs. To this day the members of both bands are involved with missional pursutes around the country.

2. Fragrant Oil - David Ruis
This is another lo-fi worship project that is very honest. No overdubs here, just what God was doing in the church in Winapeg Canada that he pastored. David Ruis is one of those worship leaders who definately has let the Fathers' heart infect him with compasion for the broken and beaten down. *I was very encouraged to see David Ruis the week after Katrina hit working with relief to our area. He didn't come down here as David Ruis, the big Vineyard worship leader, but as a servant alongside everyone else who was trying to help the area.

3. Kiss The Son - Kevin Prosch
Ther is a video out there of Kevin Prosch and the Black Peppercorns' tour of Europe back in 1996 I believe. To watch it is to see the intersection of worship and missions. Kiss the Son - the live worship CD from that era is filled with worship written from that vantage point.

4. Matt Redman - Facedown
From the beginning Matt Redman has been an outreach minded worship leader gaining widespread recognition through the Soul Survivor conferences in England where thousands of youth would descend on a community to do outreach. You can tell that this has been central in his songwriting and worship.

These are just a few examples of missional worship leaders and their soundtracks to what God is doing.

More to come...

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