Sunday, November 13, 2005

More on The Importance of The Band in music

In 1996 I recorded and released my 2nd solo CD called "The Sound of Rain". While I still play some songs in our live gigs off of that album and though I have rerecorded the song "Bridges" which first appeared on "The Sound of Rain"
for my latest CD Move, the band dynamic was missing on that '96 release. On "The Ssound of Rain" I opted to spend about $8,500.00 which was a lot for a guy who didn't even have a band. Come to mention it that was the most I've spent on any of my CDs to date. The recording budget included studio musicians, and prodcustion in a state-of-the-art studio in Dallas. While the CD came out with an impecable mix, and while the songs all sounded great (not to mention the awesome songwriting LOL), the whole project lacked the soul and honesty of my next project which would end up being "Songs From the Living Room" by Mary's Den. "Songs From the Living Room" captured the best of what I like about recording with a band. There was a whole lot of experimentation, a whole lot of learning, and because we were constantly playing music together we had an idea of which songs really connected with people. In fact over half of the songs were initially birthed in a live setting. Sure the CD had some flaws, many of which were on the bands' side but the CD had lots of heart and soul. There was something very spiritual about it and something very human. I still meet people to this day that say that "Songs From the Living Room" is still one of their favorite worship CDs. For as perfect sounding as "the Sound of Rain" was, i rarely ever meet anybody that still plays that one much. Part of this is due to the fact that studio musicians don't feel the same way about a song as a band does. They approach the song as outsiders. They approach the song analytically. They will play it technically better than anyone else but not neccessarily play the song the way it needs to be played. They play it because they get paid, because it's their job, but band members will play the song because they believe in it, because they helped create it, because it is a part of them. I know I'm starting to preach right now and I've got to go play some music, so more to come...

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angry crispin fan said...

I played on this album, and I played that guitar 'till my fingers bled. How dare you!