Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sweetly Broken

In all of the craziness I failed to mention a new CD on which I did some vocals which just came out. The CD is a Vineyard Music Release called "Sweetly Broken". I sand on a song written by Casey Corum called "We Need Your Touch" - kind of a southern rock worship song. The title track is killer. It was written and performed by a guy named Jeremy Riddle. i haven't heard a song from this guy that I haven't liked yet. I will do some searching to see if he's got a solo project because he consistently has some real fresh songs coming out. We just did Sweetly Broken as a call to worship last weekend. Nice!

In other news I'm flying out to Houston in a couple of hours. I'll spend all day tomorrow re-recording a Black gospel version of "We Need Your Touch" with Casey. I'm really looking forward to this one. appearantly he's got a choir from memphis on the thing. It ought to be a great experience. I'll try and get some pics up. Well that's the news for today.


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