Monday, November 21, 2005


Ready for a few days off! Tomorrow I'll be takin my first few days off since Katrina. I will be attempting my second try at smoking a turkey tomorrow. I tried the other day and ended up with one really black bird. It was quite tasty once you cut through the half inch of chared skin. Ever since we got the huge smokers from my friend from Blood and Fire ministries I've become quite a barbeque freak. As Phil, my pastor says, cooking is therapeutic. It's much more so when what you cooks turns out well. So I'm off to be thankful! You all be thankful too!

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randall said...

Of course things might go a little better when you aren't contending with Katrina-like winds blowing while you are trying to do the smoking like they were last week! We thought the tarps were going to come up right off of the shower stalls a couple of times. Blessings to you and yours and a very Happy Thanksgiving Crispin. We miss you already (and awesome worship set on Sunday btw. Sorry we couldn't hang around for the newcomers barbecue since we had a plane to catch ;) Come up and see us in Boise anytime and we'll show you some Northwest style hospitality!