Wednesday, December 07, 2005

My Top CDs of 05

On a lighter note, here's my top CDs I came across in 05. They were not all new in 05 just new to me at least.

1. Chris Lizotte - Falling From The Sky
Earthy and spiritual songs for everyday life. I contacted Chris recently to see if his CDs were available at any outlets and he told me they shoul be available on I-Tunes soon. Recommended Songs - Falling From The Sky, God Help Me Through This Day, I Will Trust You.

2. Elvis Costello and the Imposters - Delivery Man
This CD is too cool. The production is gritty, almost trashy but it works well. This is Costello's venture into roots rock. I've never been a very big fan of Elvis Costello. As a matter of fact i picked up this CD by acident, but I'm glad I did.
Recommended songs - Country Darkness, Bedlam,

3. Willie Nelson - Teatro
A friend of mine and fellow admirer of Daniel Lanois - Ben Manuel turned me on to this CD. Daniel lanois produced this one a few years ago. It's real cool. One of the best songs is Willie's cover of the Daniel Lanois song - The Maker.

4. Daniel Lanois - Shine
Well written songs all around with the very no-conventional and slightly sparse production you would expect from Lanois. The dude is not just a killer producer but quite the musician and songwriter. It seems that Lanois is really finding his voice on this one better than on other releases. cool tracks - I Love You, Falling at Your Feet

5. Daniel Lanois - Beladonna
I bought this one at the same times as Shine. It's all instrumental featuring Lanois' beautifully warm tones on the pedal steel. My favorite track is called Frozen - a pedal steel drenched slightly regea vibe.

6. Ben Davis - Crown of Mercy
I know I'm partial to this one because I helped out mixing and playing music on it but it's a great CD. Ben's a great songwriter with a nack for a good chorus. My Favorite tracks - Alive, Crown of Mercy, I Need You, Wonderful

7. Coldplay- X & Y
Each Coldplay CD takes a bit of getting adjusted to but never fails to deliver. This CD is no exception. While I'm not sure it tops their previous 2 releases it's still killer in a different way. The songwriting is definatly improving and the whole band is showing a bit more diversity. I love the first 6 tracks.

8. Bebel Gilberto (Selftitled)
This is a date CD. Songs in english and portuguese over brazillian rhythms. She has a very cool voice. Favorite track - Baby (My Daughter loves that one too).

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cds62 said...

I love Lizotte. He was just a my church this morning.