Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Another day Another Bar-b-Q

Well even though I've only recently got into the brisket business I have been doing a whole lot of briskets in the last couple of days. As our adopt-a-block list grows larger every week we are trying to keep up with the demmands. This week my good friend Doug got in on the action bringing in 18 briskets from Houston to add to my 8 for a total of 26 which we will serve to the community tonight. Doug showed up wreaking of Texas pride which is only made worse when mixed with mesquite smoke. He got out of his pick-up with a cowboy hat, boots, an apron from Goode Company Barbeque in Texas complete with a meat thermometer hanging like a ball-point pen from the apron top. He brough me a jar of "Doug's Rub" which is supposed to do wonders for any smoked meat. Well, it seems to have worked pretty well.

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