Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Buying CDs on Ebay

I've found a new vice! Buying CDs on EBAY. Buying CDs on ebay combines the best of impulse buying and comulsive gambling. Seriously I've come across some great deals on brand new CDs.

My CD purchases from Ebay last week were:
1. Shangrila by Mark Knopfler
2. Summerteeth by Wilco
3. Songs From the Analog Playground by the Charlie Hunter Quartet


randall said...

Hey Crispin, thanks for the challenge of giving some new bands a chance. I have been trying to do this partly by following the suggestion of another blogosphere friend (Jon Reid) and downloading the iTunes free song of the week. It is interesting that going in the opposite direction has brought me to the same place it did you. We recently 'started' to watch an Elton John TV special that was really sad considering how innovative he was back in the early 70's (back when I was in high school, I know, I'm oooolldd!). We gave up on the special but that spurred me to go looking online and I found a few gems including "Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy" for $5 including shipping. Great deal! Sorry about the long comment. I'll have to continue the thought on my own blog.

randall said...

I meant to say that I found that one and some others on eBay.