Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Charlie Hunter

Well in keeping with my new years resolution to get into some new bands I've given Charlie Hunter a try in the last few days and I'm definately going to get some more. This guys is pretty incredible. He plays guitar and bass on this eight-string hybrid guitar. He's a killer bass player and lea guitarist. The first CD I bought of his is called Songs From the Analog Playground by the chralie hunter quartet. The CD features guest vocals from Norah Jones, Theryl de Cloet (Galactic), and Mos Def. Musically the CD is Jam based funk-jazz. Real nice playing but nothing too cerebral. This band has real soul. The 2 tracks with Norah Jones are killer and I really like some of the instrumentals. I love Galactic but have never been a big fan of Theryl de Cloet's vocals so the tracks he's on are not as exciting to me. YOu can check out a live video version of the song "Mighty Mighty" at http://www.charliehunter.com/video/index.htm . I prefer this guys vocals over Cloet's. Also check out the video clip of "Just A Closer Walk With Thee"

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