Saturday, January 28, 2006

Estes Park Recap

Well, you have to come down from every mountain top. However most don't have to come as far down as New Orleans. Though I could have used several more days in Colorado, it's good to be back below sea-level again.

This was my third time of going up to Estes Park for the anual worship leaders retreat. An awesome time all around. Ben Davis went with me for his first time up there. It was cool having him in on the action. Of all the conferences and church things I go to this is my favorite. Of course I'd probably dig a beenie baby convention if it was held in Estes Park. The philosophy of the retreat is simply of worship and community as the highest priority. We had one speaker for one night - Brian Doerksen, who spoke an incredible word on the final evening. Other than that we did a lot of worship and a lot of small group time. We also had a great deal of time to just hang out. Time which we used on one day to go snow-shoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park. Though Estes usually atracts a huge crowd in the summer it is quite beautiful in the winter. The day we went snow-shoeing we may have seen a total of 7 or 8 other people the whole time. The view up there is breath-taking. It kind of makes you feel stupid even trying to take a picture of it because you know it will fall so short of the way you experienced it. But hopefully I'll have some pics for you soon. Any way it was a super-cool retreat and continues to be one of the highlights of each year that I go.


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