Thursday, January 19, 2006

truth, music, food, repeat...

A friend of mine, Steve (From Boise) emailed me some comments about my blog that I thought were interesting:

"I haven't been reading your blog for very
long, but I'm beginning to see a pattern.
Truth, music, food, Truth, music, food. I think your on to something."

So in keeping with the unintentional formula I will give a very serious food update. Today I am in a barbeque cookoff against "Texas" Doug Anderson in the smoked brisket category and competing against Teaxas Doug and Iowa Phil Schisler (sp) in the Pork Tenderloin Category. This is going to be a hard one. Doug won round one the other day and today we are both at it so I'll need all your prayers to take down this worthy barbeque advisary. The judges: a team from Coumbus Ohio and various other by-standards.

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