Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Well, I have finally become a member of the once elite club of IPOD owners. Of course if I own one the club can't be that exclusive any more. An IPOD was given to me as a gift a week ago and I've been transfering my whole library of music every hour of the day. It kind of reminds me about when I came out with my first CD back in 1994. There I was with one thousand CDs with my name on them (literally) and I didn't own a CD player. Well I've had my music on several people's podcasts now and am in the proccess of having all of my music available on I-Tunes and other digital outlets and until now have not had an IPOD or the equivalent. I must say that I enjoyed listening to some of my favorite music on headphones again. Well I'd love to stay and blog but I have music to diwnload...

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