Thursday, February 09, 2006

New Blues

I've really been wanting to do some recording lately and got to do a little this week. Doug Anderson was back in town and stayed at our house this week. But rather than explore Barbequeing techniques we opted for Blues this week. I like the idea of writing songs with other people but it's kind of a hard thing to get going. Well Doug showed up at my house on Monday with some words to which he wanted some blues music. Well I love blues as much as I love good barbeque so we got to work on it right away on Monday evening. After about an hour the creativity really began to flow and by the end of the evening we had a real nice song with lots of soul. On Wednesday night we recorded it live with Doug on acoustic guitar and me singing and playing my Fender Rhodes. We tracked the song with some ambient room mics turned on to catch a real nice natural room reverb. The end result was a less than perfect but very soulful recording. After that I added a little organ track to spice it up a bit and we mixed it down today. Mixing and recording was a real lerning experience because it was mine and Doug's first time to engineer on Pro-Tools so we were steadily learning. There's no better way to learn a new recording system than just doing it though. I will try to get the song posted on my web site shortly. The lyrics pose the question about God's involvement in Hurricane Katrina. It's called "Where Were You Today".

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