Monday, March 13, 2006

Crispin Schroeder Music at Your Local Goodwill

This past weekend I was made known of a bit of a threshold in the music industry which I have now crossed. A friend of mine approached me at church this weekend holding a copy of my first CD- Through These Pinholes (1994). My very quick reponse was "Where did you get that?" knowing that these CDs have never been available online or in many stores and the fact that I still have a couple hundred of them in my possession. Her response was that she found the CD in a Goodwill thrift store in Denham Springs Louisiana. In a way I kind of feel like I've achieved a higher level of success in music. The very fact that my CD was not thrown away lets me know that it still had some value. So now I've joined the likes of Jermaine Jackson, Pogo, and Men Without Hats - Discarded CDs in your local goodwill store. The next level from here is finding my CDs on Ebay. From there would be finding my CDs on sale in a convinience store (come on, a guy can dream!).

So if anyone out there wants my first CD - Through These Pinholes, email me and I'll send you as many as you want for the low cost of shipping or you can pay the standard Goodwill price of anywhere fro .75-$4.00.


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