Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ezekiel Bread

I meant to blog about this a while back but I forgot and just remembered when I saw my wife eating Ezekiel Cereal the other night. One of the hottest selling items at your local Whole Foods Market is Ezekiel 4:9 bread. While I like the stuff and it's sure to have some good health benefits it is a fine example of taking scriptures out of context. The makers of Ezekiel bread would have you believe that it is some sort of God given recipe to health. The problem comes when you read the next verse about cooking the bread over human dung to symbolize the judgement that would come on Israel for turning it's back on God. ALl of the sudden it doesn't sound so healthy.

check out the verses for yourself:;&version=31;

So my wife has been kind of creeped out that the makers of Ezekiel Bread may be baking the stuff over pooh.

Which reminds me of a good quote I came across in a book I'm reading called "Heaven is a Place On Earth" by Micheal E. Wittmer. While I don't care for the title because it always conjusrs up that cheesy Belinda Calilse song, the book is quite good. In it Whittmer critiques Christian culture, particularly christian T-Shirts with the following words:

"...We don't need to stamp Christianity on something before we can enjoy it. In fact, our feeble attempts at baptizing creation tend to cheapen both it and the gospel. Printing "Cross-Training" or "Cross-eyed" on a T-shirt trivializes both the cross (do we really want to compare Jesus' suffering to a type of exercise or a stigmatism?) and ordinary T-Shirts. The same holds true for spill proof cups emblazoned with John 4:14 "Whoever drinks the water I give will never thirst"; key chains that parody milk advertissments with the probing question "Got Jesus?"; dinner plates that claim to be "Home Grown and Heaven Bound"; and stuffed ducks wearing rain gear on account of recurring "Showers of Blessing" (Honestly i could not make this stuff up). Rather than improve creation, such silliness only distracts from the goodness that is already there while mocking the gospel it seeks to advertise."

you can find the book here:

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