Sunday, March 12, 2006

MY SPACE Friends

The reason I dropped my first MY SPACE account after a few days is because the place seemed to me to be too much of a meat market. So I decided to register as a music site and it's going better. What's funny is that I started to notice that many of my friends had some really famous people listed as friends (folks I know they've never met). So I figured I try soliciting some mildly famous folks to be my friends. So I am happy to announce that my new semi-famous friend is Bill Mallonee, lead singer and songwriter of Vigilantes of Love. I am awaiting requests from the likes of Brian Eno and expiramental funk/jazz supergroup Garage A Trois. I am finding this whole My Space thing quite amusing. It does have it's uses I guess. I am using it to post songs which the public may download for free, so pay a visit if you dare. Well that's all for now, I'm going to go solicit more famous friends.


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