Saturday, April 01, 2006

Rediscovering Some Older Albums

I recently became a bit sentimental for some of the music I listened to back in high school or shortly there after. It's kind of funny when you listen to something for the first time in say 15 years how it hits you. For instance I bought the self-titled CD by the Arc Angels on Itunes the other day and it still rocks after all these years. For those of you who have never heard of the Arc Angels they were a band that consisted of the rhythm section from Stevie Ray Vaughan's band Double Trouble fronted by Doyle Bramhall and Charlie Sexton. The album is smokin good. It's abit southern rock and Texas blues which, in my opinion, makes for a tasty mixture. Back when I first bought the Arc Angel album (on casette) I really liked it but I have much more of an appreciation for it now. Part of this would be due to the fact that back then I didn't play guitar and now I'm at least trying.

Another album I picked up from Itunes was Naked by the Talking Heads. David Byrne, the lead singer and visionary of the Talking Heads was one of my earliest musical influences. This was due in part to his strangness because I was very into being different at the time ( that was the thing to do in the mid to late 80's). David Byrne turned me on to Brazillian music and along with Paul Simon and Peter Gabriel exposed me to the wonderful sounds of afro-pop. Naked is one of those albums that is filled with afro carribean rhythms and melodies. Sure it's not lacking of Byrnes peculiar lyrics. Thought this was the Talking Heads' last album it finds them going out on top. I really love the song Nothing But Flowers. I am really trying to work out a cover of that one for my next gig. It's kind of the oposite of most environmental protest songs where Byrne sings about a world that "used to be real estates now it's only fields and trees, where where have they gone now, it's nothing but flowers...the highways and cars were sacrificed for agriculture, I thought we'd start all over but i guess I was wrong..."

So these are two classics that I recommend you check out.

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