Friday, April 14, 2006

School of Barbeque and Grilling

Since Katrina I have been getting an experiential schooling in the art or barbeque and grilling. The months of relief work, outreach, and hosting teams have given me a test audience to experiment with a variety of techniques and recipes. I've spent a the majority of time on trying to attain the illusive perfect brisket. While I haven't attained it yet, I 've gradually come to a point of consistently good briskets. There is always room for improvement but now it's time to turn my attention to one of the other greats for barbeque - ribs. This afternoon i will attempt my first batch of baby back ribs with my comrade of the culinary arts Phil Schisler. I will let you know of my progress or lack of progress.

Speaking of grilling, I made a bit of a hybrid dish today that was quite good. As the saying goes neccessity is the mother of invention. I wanted to cook up some lunch for me and my boy today. I was going to grill some burgers but I realized that I had no burger buns however I had no shortage of flour tortillas and ground meat. So the result was the burgerito.

I started by making some patties out of some lean ground meat and coating them in a generous ammount of granulated garlic and fresh ground black pepper with a dash of salt. Then I put the patties out on the grill, turning them after about 5 minutes. After I turned them I took 2 large flour tortillas and in one put some slices of pepper jack cheese (for mine) and American cheese in the other for my son. I placed the tortillas on the second level grill for about a minute each to melt the cheese and give a slightly crispy edge to the tortillas. By about that time the burgers were done. I took the burgers and placed them on the tortillas with melted cheese. On mine I added a little bit of barbeque sauce and then rolled it up and ate it. I found that the flavor of the meat really came through better than with a bun. There was also quite a bit more room for extra stuff which would make a typical burger hard to get your mouth around. There was pleanty of room for extra stuff like lettuce, tomatoes, pickles etc. Though i didn't have any green chiles on hand I suspect that a burgerito with pepperjack cheese, a spoon or two of black beans and some green chiles (or pico de gallo) would be quite nice. I suspect I'll pursue this recipe further.

Well it's about time to go cook some ribs.

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