Monday, April 03, 2006


Check out this link to a story of a church using U2 songs in place of hymns to atract new people:

While I love U2 and the church and have even done some U2 songs in the church this whole strategy is a bit precarious to me. It's as if they are trying to legitimize Jesus with Bono. I can see using a U2 song now and then in worship, or to iluustrate something in a church service but making a weekely service that does U2 songs exclusively is a bit creepy even to me. And what of the person that comes to church for the first time in years just because they are going to play a U2 CD at the begining of the service. It seems to me that a church is getting pretty desparate and insecure to serious adopt this type of strategy but hey that's just me.

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randall said...

Hey Crispin, have you seen this blog:
It's by an episcopal church minister that wrote the book "Get Up Off Your Knees" that is referenced in the article. If you'll notice in the article, the "U2 Eucharist" service is an alternative Friday night service that is intended to reach youth and those that would ordinarily not come into a regular Sunday morning church service. This in a way reminds me of my early years at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa (late 70's) when a young upstart youth pastor by the name of Greg Laurie would have Friday night concerts with radical groups like Second Chapter of Acts, Keith Green, Phil Keaggy and Love Song. This was considered near heretical (rock music in church?!!!) by some of the older folks, but the youth would come in droves and get tied into the church. I should know... I was one of them ;). Perhaps this is the modern day equivalent? Sorry this is so long. I think I'll finish the thought over on my blog.