Thursday, June 15, 2006

Consumers and Connectors

Every analogy breaks down at some point so let me clarify something a bit here. I often use food and drink as analogies for kingdom realities but every comparison has its own problems. When I talk of appreciating worship in the same way as appreciating a good microbrew I'm not meaning to make it seem like simply a consumer affair. Worship is first and foremost for God and about God. That said if worship is to help inspire humans to draw near to God, or to help aid in meditation on God, or to simply minister God's truth to the soul so that it can be less encumbered in the pursuit of God then worship music by all means must connect with the listener/participant. It's not simply that we musicians just need to come up with better crafted songs for the consuming public, it's that we need to be connected with God, and with the church, and with our local communities. Out of that place we then form songs like microbrews that resonate with the souls of our communities helping them to better experience God. I hope this clarifies the analogy a bit more.

There is one other thing that I want to clarify. I know I railed on CCM but the reality is that what is taking place in the Christian music industry is also the same thing going on in mainstream pop music across the board. I just think that the ramifications in Contemporary Christian Music are much different particularly when it comes to worship.

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Barefoot Guy said...

I really enjoy your blog! Thanks for your honest heart and truthfulness, it is refreshing to hear someone be real. Its cool to read about real people who serve Jesus.

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