Friday, November 10, 2006

Blog For Those With Internet Induced ADD #1-Listening More or Less

I got an Ipod back in February and am now up to about 3,000 songs. I find that I am listening more to music but listening less. Something about trying to cram in 3,000 songs (or at least most of them) into a year is pretty hard when you have to account for new songs and albums, podcasts, and the downloaded episodes of Lost and 24. It is great to have all of the songs at my fingertips for any musical impulse but I find that I'm not appreciating them the same way I used to. I remember when I used to buy maybe a handful of CDs a year. The CDs would be listened to over and over again and mined for every bit of auditory pleasure they could bring. But as with eating at restaurants every day of the week instead of a couple of times a month the experience is some what diminished in the increased frequency. So I'm thinking of fasting music a bit and learning to trim my musical diet down a little so I start savoring the music more once again.

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randall said...

I have found that my involvement with music tends to go in something of a cycle or rhythm (hmm, might be something to that! ;) in any case whether I am using my iPod or not. Soemtimes I just turn on the radio during my commute, which of course helps me to find out about new stuff (besides hearing about it from my teenage boys!). Other times I find I am listening to something all the time. Perhaps you are just in a down part of the cycle. Just a thought.