Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Series of Blogs for Those With Internet Induced ADD

I have been told recently that some have found my blogs too lengthy to read all the way through. Well, I realized a few months ago I could turn out any old blog in a couple of minutes or I could put a little more time into it to write something a bit better. The discipline of trying to write something worth reading is something like trying to write a good song and it takes time. So I have turned out less quantity of blogs in the last few months but hopefully of a better quality blogs all around. But I have done so at the risk of those who don’t want to spend 3 minutes reading a blog but would rather be done with it in say 30 seconds max. I understand your pain so I commit to releasing a series of small blogs for the ADD crowd. And since you have probably spent 30 seconds reading this it is time to go for now because after all everyone reading this is multi-tasking a variety of activities from work to phone conversations to term papers to watching TV, text messaging and listening to your ipod at the same time.

Bye for now…

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