Monday, December 31, 2007

To Write a Book

I have had the idea for some time that some day I might like to write a book. But until recently I haven’t had a clear idea on what I would write a book about. A few months ago I started what was to be a series of blogs entitled My Life as a Wrestler. While I began composing the few essays that would appear under this series title it occurred to me that this would be the best title and overarching theme for a book that I would want to write.

I have come to realize in recent years the value of wrestling and struggling with faith and doubt and life and art and sin and redemption. If I have anything to offer in book form it’s not of the “7 steps to a better you” variety. The book I’m envisioning will be more about the process of redemption in all its painful glory. So, I intend to make writing this book my goal for this coming year. So as to not give too much of the book away, my blogs in this next year may be a little more of the online journal variety than the short essays which have been predominant in my blog for the past couple of years.

It may be that after giving book-writing a go I might conclude that music is a much better investment of my creative ability but I feel like I just have to give it a try.

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