Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I listened to a Podcast this morning by Donald Miller (a message delivered at Mars Hill Church in Grand Rapids MI. 11/11/07.) The message was about stories. He observed that one of the defining characteristics of a protagonist or hero in any story is that he or she is basically humble – the character can have struggles with addictions or depression but as long as this character is humble he/she is a good protagonist. He said, “The second the hero thinks of himself as better than other people he becomes a villain.”

Miller went on to pose the question, “Think of the way that you talk to your wife. If they were making a movie and the lead character talked to your wife the way you talk to your wife, is that a good character or a bad character? If it’s a bad character in a movie it’s a bad character in life.”

Good thoughts indeed.


susie s said...

I'm so glad that in the Kingdom of God story, villains can be transformed into heroes. That's the hope and beauty of the gospel...Jesus' good news that we don't have to stay the way we are. How truly grateful I am! Thanks for this entry...a reminder to let Him transform me inside out.

fuel52 said...

That's huge. I think that's excellent basic advice for our attitudes in general.

I know recently and by coincidence the same subject, I got into a rut with the way I was talking to my wife. And after one particular spat, I felt like God was telling me to watch my attitude toward my wife, be conscious about it. Be humble and aware of my attitude toward my wife. And since then, it has been an open door to my growth and my relationship with my wife.

So, I would say Mr. Miller is onto something there.

Anonymous said...

Awesome thought to ponder in your conversation with anybody. Just think how pleasant relationships would be if we were all the good characters. Praise God for His grace and mercy when we aren't.

Crispin Schroeder said...
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Anonymous said...

I love you hottie! You copied me!!!

jeansonne said...

This is really good stuff and I'm really glad I dropped by to read it because I don't think I really had enough to already work on in my life.

And just for the record...I too think you're a hottie. (I hope that was your wife).