Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Recap

I am lying in my bed recovering from Easter Weekend and a dislocated shoulder from an afternoon bike ride. I can’t do too much now because my arm is in a sling so I’ve just been reflecting on the weekend. It was truly one of the most memorable Easter services I had been a part of in many years. The Easter service at our church was a very festive celebration which included a jazz band in the lobby and which culminated in a champagne toast at the end of the service. It was such a holy moment to hear the clinging sound of champagne glasses being toasted by hundreds of people around the auditorium celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and our promised future resurrection. It seemed that for the first time in my Christian walk the church Easter service had truly been liberated from some of the cultural influences that have so watered down Easter to pastel colors, dresses, hats, and Easter baskets. There was such an overwhelming sense in the room that everything in our world is different because of what Jesus did, because of the new creation that arose with him, because of the in-breaking of his kingdom into our world.