Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Will Vote for Coffee

I know I am a rare breed these days when it comes to ordering coffee at Starbucks. While others may take a good half-minute to place their order for a tall-nonfat-decaf-vanilla-mocha-latte-over ice, my typical order is a simple grande coffee, black.

My order is so simple, in fact, that for a while it was completely throwing off the people working the drivethru at my local Starbucks (because who really orders coffee these days from a coffee shop?)

So I would pull up to the window only to find that I had a double cappuccino or a hot chocolate which I would in turn get for free with my coffee when the barista realized that she had screwed up my order.

So imagine my joy to find out that Starbucks was offering a free tall coffee to anyone who voted today (or at least anyone who said they voted). Regretfully, I let most of the day slip by before taking Starbucks up on the offer. So it was 6 p.m. before I walked in and told the barista at my local Starbucks that I did my civic duty today and would like to be rewarded with some coffee. Sure enough, I was given a tall coffee free of charge. Sweet!

But as I was walking out sipping my black coffee and waking up a bit from my afternoon lull it occurred to me that there are at least some twenty Starbucks in the metro New Orleans area. This translates to a minimum of around forty dollars worth of free coffee if I visit each location trumpeting my good citizenship.

This could be the making of a good Sinefeld episode. Well, I must stop blogging so I can get to my caffeine binge!

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