Monday, December 01, 2008

Speaking of Christmas Gifts

Speaking of Christmas gifts, I saw an add for Snuggies today. There must have been some bet by a group of marketers to see who could come up with the most ridiculous product and see if folks would buy it. All I can say is “wow!” I almost fell off of the treadmill at the gym from laughing when I saw this commercial today (and I couldn’t even hear the audio). If you haven’t seen the commercial it will really lighten up your day . The funniest part in the commercial is the shot of the whole family wearing Snuggies while sitting in some bleachers at a baseball game. I’m seriously thinking of buying Snuggies for my family so we can enter the new year looking like monks (or Polyphonic Spree groupies).


Anonymous said...

LOL! You gotta wonder, how many takes did they do when the woman pours the coffee? I bet they had her Snuggie tied back so it wouldn't go into the coffee. And I'm sure that girl in the bleachers had no problem clapping, huh?
Tim A.

PS: As to the question in the previous blog (They Kept Shopping), you asked the question of "What's really important to people?" People often say one thing, but as Phil said a week ago, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating." The truth is, look where one spends his time and money... it's really that simple. Where one spends his time and money is where the "eating" for the proof of the pudding is found.
Finally, I love the analogy of the "presence" of God vs. the "presents" at Christmas time (two blogs back)... may we all reflect on that. We sang "Your Presence for Christmas" in a trio that expressed that beautifully a few years ago, and your comments made me think of that special song.
Thanks C.,

Anonymous said...

top 5 dumbest things of all time.

Rich said...

And to think I bought Ana one for christmas.

Margaret said...

You can even MAKE one for yourself! I had to laugh when I saw this post. Ladies on my sewing board (who live in the north) are all excited about this.