Monday, October 12, 2009

Bacon Chocolate Bar - Review

I love bacon and I love chocolate. I never thought about putting the two together until yesterday. I was in Whole Foods getting a cup of coffee for the road when I came across Mo's Bacon Bar Intrigued by the idea I picked up the bar and read it's packaging which talked about smoked bacon in rich milk chocolate. I could hear my inner Homer Simpson saying "Mmmmm chocolate... mmm smoked bacon". I couldn't resist this novel combination of 2 things I love so I grabbed the smallest version of the bar available (coming in at about 75 cents for a 2 inch wafer of a bar, the regular size ran about 7 bucks) and bought it with my cup of coffee. There's something about buying anything at Whole Foods that makes you feel like you're doing something healthy even when it's bacon covered in chocolate with a side of coffee.

Well once I was on the road I decided to try it and immediately wished I had a larger bar because it took me about half way through the thing to figure out the best way to eat it. I initially started eating it the way I would eat any candy bar-just chew it up. I found out quickly that this wasn't nearly as rewarding as letting it melt in my mouth until I could begin to taste the saltiness of the bacon coming through a bit before chewing it up and getting the final payoff of the smokiness of the bacon. When done this way the experience was quite good. The only thing that seemed a little unexpected was the actual texture of the bacon. I was expecting it to be crispy or crunchy but it was more chewy. That said, I still found it quite good. And, by the way, it went great with the dark roast coffee i was drinking.


Pi Man said...

Too funny! I don't know if you've listened to comedian Jeff Gaffigan before. He takes a bit getting used to b/c he stays on one topic ad infinitum. But once you're used to that, he's pretty funny. Anyway, one of his bits is on bacon. Here's the You Tube link, and the bacon bit (pun intended) starts at about 2:07, if you're interested:

Anonymous said...

Thank for the suggestion on how to eat the bacon chocolate bar. Hmm I wonder if I would make one of my own!!! eg

steven hamilton said...

mmmm, bacon-y goodness