Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gardening Video Blog Pt.1 - Research

2 weeks ago I challenged the folks at Northshore Vineyard to take a different approach to new year's resolutions. The idea is to take more of a narrative approach to the things we want to see changed in our lives instead of simply trying to throw our lives into random good things without some sense of context. The challenge was to imagine a climactic scene or great high point for the coming year and then to begin working the story towards that place (much thanks to Donald Miller!)

As I have pondered these things myself I have landed on a compelling scene for the year ahead. It goes something like this...

I come home from work on a Friday. We are going to have some friends over for dinner. I ask Dina if she has picked up any of the ingredients for my homemade salsa from the store. She says, "No dear." So I then walk into the back yard and pick some jalapenos, tomatoes, and fresh cilantro out of my garden. I then bring the ingredients inside and combine with a little lemon juice, olive oil, and salt. Later that evening our friends show up and we enjoy a great meal with fresh salsa from ingredients in my garden.

This may sound like a silly high point for the year to come but I have never grown a garden in my life. So in the coming months I will embark on the journey into the world of gardening. We will document this journey with video blogs from time to time. We shot this video which documents our research into how to get started.


Anonymous said...

I think this sounds great. And because it's from your garden, it will be the best tasting and most appreciated salsa you've ever had. Lots of lessons to be learned from this. Good luck!

ward139 said...

Great to see you at the Brew Pub! Give me a hollar when the salsa is ready. Awesome endeavor. (If you have patience, I recommend pineapple!)

ward139 said...

Great to see you at the Brew Pub.

Give me a hollar when the salsa is ready---very awesome endeavor! (If you have the patience, I recommend pineapple!)

FYI, 2010 is ready for the 'give into His love' song from WAY back in the day....that song was fiyah.

Ben Davis said...

Well, If I know you that will be one hot salsa. You may also consider a Schroeder Reality TV series loosely based on this quest...I'm thinking something like, "It's for Medicinal Purposes."

Pi Man said...

Loved the video component. Hope you keep doing that! And make sure you make BIG batches, as ward139 said, many will want to try that salsa... hint hint. Finally, welcome to the "Officially Old" club, as that happens as the clerk kept calling you "Sir." 8^) TA