Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Awesomest Moments in Motherhood!

Ezra, after losing his first tooth.
Yesterday I posted on Facebook about how Ezra, my 6 year old boy, came up with a plan to bless his mother on Mother's Day.  His plan was to make a necklace out of his baby teeth (totaling 4 at the moment) for Dina, because nothing says "happy mother's day" like a necklace made of human baby teeth!

But this got me thinking that it would be cool as we approach Mother's Day to get the best quotes, stories, and ideas from your kids concerning their mom.  So, the deep question for today--What is one of the funniest quotes or stories from your little ones to about mommy (you could even include a story from your own childhood).  The top quotes/stories will be featured in our Celebrating Mom service at Northshore Vineyard this Sunday Morning (when you throw that in with being featured on this very blog that is a whole lot of fame and recognition in one week!  You will be micro-legendary in no time.)

Okay, to sweeten the deal a little... for the mom who submits the awesomest quote/story I will send a free copy of The Coffee Mom's Devotional , which I have not personally read, but I hear it is a very inspiring read for mothers.


Steven said...

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Pass it on...

Crispin Schroeder said...

Here are the comments that were left for this blog on Facebook:

Terrie Matis Bourgeois - My daughter was 2, and my son was 4 at the time, and I had noticed that my daughters pants were wet, so I asked "Casey did you pee in your pants?" and her reply was, "no mommy, bubba did it!" :)
Wednesday at 9:28am ·

Crispin Schroeder That's awesome!
Wednesday at 9:37am ·

Laurie Wanstreet Lorenzen - When our girls were little Dono & I lived WAAAY up in the mountains. In the summer every night at bath time we had to "check" them both for ticks. We would look in the typical "tick places". arms pits, behind the neck/ ears, and have them bend over:) 1 night, in the bath, Kiah lifts up her arms and bends over and says "hey mom, can you check me for termites."
Wednesday at 9:49am ·

Patricia Moudy Hamilton - When my now 12-year-old Justin was around 3, we were out running some errands, and it came upon lunchtime. I said, "Justin, where would you like to have lunch?" He said, "Trunchy Afray." I said, "What?" "Trunchy Afray." I made him repeat it over and over again, and just couldn't figure out what he was saying. I asked him, "Well, what do we get to...
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Wednesday at 11:25am ·

Tina Lewis Lopez - When my eldest son was 3 (-Now hes 19) he and my husdand and my husbands friend was playing nurf basketball in the liivring room so he told my son to Aim the ball toward the goal the next thing we know my son went up tp the goal and started saying THE LORDS PRAYER at the goal--and he said amen--we were cracing up--ya had to be there...
Wednesday at 8:11pm ·

Donna Mae Villarreal - My boys were about age 9 & 4. They were both acting up , fighting, running in the house, just driveing me crazy. Finally i cound'nt take it anymore. Frustrated that they had ignored every attempt I had made to stop them I yelled "If you two dont stop it right now im going to pull down your butt & spank your pants!" To this day they laugh about that.
Thursday at 12:59am ·

Faith Begin Wilson - One week Asher kept asking to sleep in our bed and we kept telling him no, he had to sleep in his own bed. One night, during that week, Asher was talking with Zach while he was getting tucked in for bed. Asher said, "Daddy, why do you get to sleep with mama?" Zach said, "Because she's my wife." Asher took a few seconds to think about that and said, "Mama can be my wife and then I can sleep with her." Zach said, "Boy! It doesn't work that way, you have to find your ow

sharon said...

Even though our income was not large , Ricky and I decided early on we would do without some things so I could be a stay at home Mom, at least til they were teens. As a result my boys and I had great times with picnics, gardening, making things, having their friends over to camp out in the yard, baking, etc. The fact that both my sons and their wives have decided to do the same with their kids(rather than some extras they could have with the additional income) tells me those are special memories for them also. I feel saddened by all the Mom's in this tough economy who are not able to have that these days.

Crispin Schroeder said...


Krista Gaulden Burns - When my son Deacon was five, he was leaving with a friend and as they were driving away he said, "BYE SUGAR MOMMA!! I call her that at least one time a day. you know why? because its SPANISH FOR MOM!!"
Yesterday at 1:04pm ·

Leslie Couret Cabiro - When Kaitlyn was a little over 2 yrs old I was putting her to bed and we were talking about God. She asked me why God didn't talk. I told her that He does talk but that he doesn't speak out loud like you and me, but that instead, when we're really quiet and listening, we hear Him in our hearts and our head. She got really quiet at this point. I thought she was satisfied with my answer, but about 30 seconds later she turns to me and says, "Mommy, I don't hear Him."
Yesterday at 1:46pm ·

Leslie Couret Cabiro - One day I was in my work room trying to get some things done and the kids were in the next room acting like cats and dogs. The barking and the meowing was just a little too much for me so I told them to go into their rooms and continue their game. My youngest, Madelyn, who was a little over 2 at the time looks at me and says, "Mommy, you're not the boss of me."
Yesterday at 1:53pm ·

Leslie Couret Cabiro - One night I was putting my then 4 yr old son, Aidyn, to bed and he told me that he had bad dreams the night before. I said, "Let's pray that tonight you have good, fun dreams." He said, "You pray and put your hand on me so I can get it."
Yesterday at 2:00pm ·

Leslie Couret Cabiro - Aidyn asked me to pray for him one night at bedtime. After I asked him if he would pray for me. He said sure and began his prayer: "Dear Jesus, please take care of Mommy and me. And please help Mommy not to say bad words and please help her not to spank me. Amen." I had to clarify these bad words that he was talking about and he said, "You know, when you get mad and talk real loud."
Yesterday at 2:05pm ·

Leslie Couret Cabiro - When Aidyn was going through the potty training phase (age 2) he pretty much had the pee-pee part down; it was the pooping on the potty and not in his underwear that we were working on. One day I decided since we were not going anywhere that I would not put underwear on him. I kept checking to make sure he had not done anything. He told me that he ...
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Yesterday at 2:15pm ·

Leslie Couret Cabiro- About a year ago, Jon and Kaitlyn were having a conversation about God and Jesus. Jon told Kaitlyn that Jesus was coming back one day. She looked at Jon and asked him if we could invite Jesus to come over and play a game.
Yesterday at 2:23pm ·

Leslie Couret Cabiro - Ok, here's one more. Just to add insult to injury, the other day Aidyn comes up to me, puts his hands on my little pooch on my stomach, and says all excited, "Mommy, you're getting another baby in your tummy!" (OUCH! That one hurts just a little.)
Yesterday at 2:38pm ·

Christine Smith Perniciaro - When my daughter was 4, her pre-school teacher was making a mother's day book. The question was "What is a mommy?" Meredith's answer..."A mommy is a mammal" The teacher asked why she said a mommy is a mammal. Meredith's answer..."Because a mommy has hair and can have babies!" She is soooo going to be some type of scientist.
Yesterday at 2:42pm ·

Serah Faith Tufaro - I don't have any inspiring, tear-jerking stories of being a mom... my 2 year old little girl was sitting in her carseat while I was driving and I hear from the backseat "mama, I love you a booger" followed by hysterical laughter.
11 hours ago ·