Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gardening Video Blog #4 - Staking the Tomato Plants

So I invited my friend Paul Tufaro over to help me with my tomato plants.  In the last few weeks the tomato plants have been growing like crazy but have just started flopping over on the ground a bit.  Paul has been gardening for a few years and had some practical wisdom on how to give the plants the appropriate structure to facilitate healthy life in the plants.  On this day we staked up the plants and then put cages around them to provide structure.

stakes and cages to help the tomato plants grow - photo by Tevia

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Pi Man said...

Looking good! You know, I planted only 4 tomato plants this year. As a mattr of fact I left them in 1 gallon jugs. All is well, except for the SQUIRRELS that have been munching on them. And when you only have 4 plants, well, that hurts the yield. So I'll have to research this. I'm thinking the welded wire cage with maybe chicken wire around it.... TA