Friday, May 28, 2010

Why I Love Potlucks

I love potlucks… at least the kind we have here in Louisiana because folks down here really like to cook and like to eat.  Last night we had a potluck at the church so folks could come together, eat, hang out, and discuss the direction of the church in the coming months.  Everyone left the meeting feeling full, not just with food, but spiritually, which got me to thinking about why I love potlucks.  So here are a few thoughts on why I love potlucks:

 Everyone contributes – If I have people over to my house for dinner I provide the food but at a potluck everyone brings something to share.
Communal Hospitality – at a potluck everyone is there to serve one another.  There is no distinction between hosts and guests because we all end up playing both of those roles at a potluck.
Bringing out the best – At our potlucks I find that most people who at least have time and resources to prepare some food before they show up really bring some good food.  They take time and thought to prepare something that will bless others.  There is a sense of people showing up wanting to be a blessing in a very practical way to others.
The real action is at the table – I heard a guy on a podcast talking about how the cake part of a cup cake is really just a frosting delivery mechanism because the frosting is the best part.  A potluck is a community delivery mechanism.  Sure the food is great but it is the conversations around the table with new friends old friends and people you just met that really infuses the potluck with life.
A potluck is a simple picture of church – I love all of the stories in the New Testament of Jesus eating at people’s houses, celebrating the Passover meal with his disciples the night before he was crucified, and how even after the resurrection that he cooked a breakfast of fish and bread for his disciples by the sea.  A potluck feels good because it has its roots in the beginning of the church.  When we each come together and bring our best to share with others as we gather around the person and purposes of Jesus it is a simple picture of what church is about. 

So there you have it, my apologetic for potlucks!


Anonymous said...

Eatin meetins are always the best! Folks usually make their best dish. the hard part is deciding which to try, so most usually get a little of everything and then return for the one they like. I too like the people part of the meetin, talkin with folks you dont usually get to speak much with on Sunday. So when are we going to have the next one???

Carlos said...

Food is a big part of the way we live and is central to what we do. So, by default it guides fellowship and supports faith. I agree with you that a "Louisiana" potluck is specialy good. For whatever reason, Louisiana seems to be more spirtiually connected to food than in other places. Part of this is just because of the quality of food and cooking in Louisiana is just better than in many places. But there is something else too. Maybe its how closely we've been raised to the soil or maybe its how we are such a mix of cultures and food is the one way we can all share. Whatever the case is, I am glad to be a Christian in Louisiana :) Thanks for the post Crispen.

Pi Man said...

I'll eat to that.... TA