Monday, September 13, 2010

A Real Life Illustration of Loving One's Enemies

Julio Diaz 
Last week I wrote about how Christ-Followers should not treat their suposed enemies using the real life example of Pastore Terry Jones who had planned on burning Korans on September 11 (thankfully he cancelled his plans).  Today I came across a story of someone who actually illustrates a different way of treating one's enemies.
The story, A Victim Treats His Mugger Right,  is of Julio Diaz who when being mugged in a New York subway offered his coat as well and then ended up treating his attacker to dinner.  Following the ways of Jesus doesn't always work out but this is a great picture of what it looks like when it does.  Check out the story and leave your thoughts.


Carlos said...

Crispen, Thanks for promoting an example of a real "Christian" hero. Another great post.

anne said...

This story is about a man who obviously had comapassion and love as the root of his actions. These two things push fear away.

However, in principle, the opposite is true as well: fear keeps love and compassion out. Unfortunately, too many of us are intimidated by the crimes of people who, if we looked with the eyes of love and compassion, as did Julio, we would see very differently. Julio saw his attacker as a person who was wounded and deprived of love and nurturin. Likewise, in the case of the perpetrators of 9/11, if we look thru the eyes of love and compassion, we will see young (very young) men who were branwashed and deceived.

If we let fear consume us, it results in anger and hatred. I think it's great what this guy did, but I think it's sad that we don't see more of it happening; this is referring to myself first, before anyone. I'll take Julio as a rolemodel to aspire after...

Crispin, thanks for posting.