Friday, October 29, 2010

SNL Skits Should Not Become Movies

I don’t usually watch Saturday Night Live that much these days but have certainly been a sporadic fan over the years of certain skits and characters particularly the classic episodes featuring John Belushi, Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray and Dan Akroid.  But one thing I have come to hold as a rule: SNL skits make lousy movies (the one exception that comes to mind is The Blues Brothers).  It’s one thing to make people laugh for 3-4 minutes in a show of short skits but quite another to develop those same characters and plot into something that actually works as a full-length feature film. 
The Blues Brothers is one exception to the rule.

While I am generally pretty good at keeping this principle in mind when I watch movies I occasionally get sucked into an SNL skit-turned-movie by the previews.  Unfortunately this happened last night.  I dropped by our local Walgreens to pick up some dark chocolate and noticed the new Red Box DVD rental out in front.  I figured paying a dollar for a DVD was pretty low risk.  Well, after renting MacGruber, the movie made from the SNL skit parody of McGyver I want my dollar back!  The previews actually made it seem like it would be pretty good.  But the previews truly had the only funny parts.  I would offer further review of the movie but I honestly don’t want to waste anymore of my time on it.

So here’s the question of the day:  
  • What is the worst SNL skit-turned-movie that you have come across?  
  • The second question: is there an SNL skit that actually worked as a movie?


Gretchen Nobles said...

Wayne's World! (Wayne's World) Excellent! (Excellent)

Crispin Schroeder said...

Party On Garth!

Pi Man said...

I agree that WW & BB were keepers. Bombs in my mind were "Ladies Man" and the "Cone Heads" movies, though I laughed my butt off at the skits at the time.