Monday, December 20, 2010

Waves of Memories

I hear a song in my mind
Whose melody reminds me of another
A song which inhabited a certain space
A certain geography and time
Along the backdrop of my life

These memories and associations
So languid
As waves on the water
Colliding effortlessly
As form is lost then reshaped
Making their way towards the shore

The water longs for equilibrium 
Craves rest
The waves give neither

The wave itself is not the water
But a force that acts on it from within and without
Sometimes as memories from far away
And at other times awakened
By immediacy unforeseen

Yet mostly it is both
As the past and the present mingle
In this metamorphic dance
Moved ever onward to the future’s shore


Pi Man said...

Very nice! Is that a poem or lyrics to a song, and did you write that? And what is the meaning behind "Craves rest"? At first I thought it to be a play on words but now I'm not sure. Thanks Crispin. TA

Crispin Schroeder said...

It's a bit of a poem I wrote sitting by a lake last week. The "craves rest" is the idea that the water is constantly seeking to be still and yet the waves won't let it.