Friday, December 17, 2010

Wrestling With Genesis

A few years back I read the compelling book The Language of God  by Francis Collins who spearheaded the Human Genome Project which became the first group of scientists to map out a complete sequence of human DNA in 2003.
In The Language of God, Collins writes of his faith journey as it has happened alongside his journey as a scientist and how he has come to deal with some of the major questions that folks of faith seem to be wrestling with in recent years, the biggest question having to do with the creation narrative of Genesis 1-3.  While Collins is thoroughly convinced that there is a God (and furthermore that Jesus is God) he is also thoroughly convinced (largely by his research on DNA) that evolution is the means  God used to create this world (he refers to this concept of deistic evolution as Biologos).  Collins doesn't see science and faith as ways of thinking and believing that are at odds with one another but rather has come to see that there can be great harmony.   I stumbled across a website called founded by Collins that seeks to pursue a path of harmony between science and faith rather than pitting one against another.  What drew me to the site were a couple of videos I stumbled across on Youtube which I have included below.

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Pi Man said...

I would tend to agree with the comment that science and faith to not “have” to be in conflict with each other. It’s ultimately a choice. The only times in my life that I’ve had to wrestle with your question is when extremists from either camp try and make war to the exclusion of the other’s valid points. Coming from a math/science background, I have no problem with science or faith. I choose to believe that my faith is supported by science, not debunked by it.