Friday, April 01, 2011

Community Reminds us of What is Important

This week I had the opportunity of getting to make some new friends in the national Vineyard movement from scholars to church planters to worship leaders.  While I came away with many insights after a few days of meetings one of the key truths that stuck out to me came from the very context of community in which all of the conversations and good ideas arose.  I realized that one reason I need community around me is to keep me mindful of the important things that I seem to so easily forget when I am wrapped up in my own world.  Each of the diverse and passionate voices had a way of prodding me towards truth and helping me gain fresh perspective. 

How about you?  Have you experienced this in your relationships with others?   

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Pi Man said...


As you pointed out in your other blog entry, I have, over the past many years, learned to be "present" in the moment with those (and those activities) that God has (at the least) "allowed" in my life at that exact time. That has made an immense difference in how I view that snapshot of time, in that I am literally excited to see what God has in store in those moments....

Thanks, Bro.