Thursday, September 22, 2011


I haven't been too active either following blogs or writing blogs lately as life is pretty hectic right now.  But I thought I would share a link to a story that came out in the Times Picayune on the subject of chili here.  Northshore Vineyard is in the process of putting together a chili cook-off for October 23.  Somehow word of this event made it to the food columnist of the Times Picayune and I got a call last week for an interview on the subject of chili.  READ THE STORY which features some musings on chili and if you scroll down towards the bottom you can find my recipe for Pork Chili Verde.  Or you can cut to the chase for the PORK CHILI VERDE RECIPE HERE


Pi Man said...

Too wild! Does this mean we add "Chef" to your list of accomplishments? 8^) TA

greenturtle said...

You might be interested to know that I am now living in your hometown, Midland (and attending Midland College).

I do NOT like green chili, and never will; strange that a person indigenous to South Louisiana, loathes peppers of any kind.

But since you apparently like peppers, you might be interested in a "sizzling pepper griddle", which is a cast iron pan, made specifically for roasting peppers such as jalepenos and green chilis.

I know you cook, but have you experienced cast iron cookware?

If you check out my blog, "ramblings on cast iron", you can read all about cast iron, and what you can cook in it.

And nothing's better for chili, than a big ol' cast iron pot!