Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Scot McKnight - Is the Sermon on the Mount Gospel?

Scot McKnight has an interesting blog on how we should read the Sermon on the Mount -- Is the Sermon on the Mount Gospel?  I have heard so many folks come up with vastly different approaches to how we should read the Sermon on the Mount.  McKnight suggest we approach it through the lens of Jesus as the Messiah who invites us as followers into his kingdom.

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Pi Man said...

I scanned the article and the comments that were posted. I think I would have said this even if I had not read it/them: that the Sermon on the Mount is absolutely part of the Good News, and more than anything, is about the HOPE that we have in Christ. For the down-trodden, for the marginalized, for the poor, for the prisoner, for every single human who will choose to believe and accept the basis of this God inspired doctrine, there is hope for a better life now, and certainly later on. Before discussions on the Sermon's applicability and where the Sermon gets assimilated into our lives gets to "heady" or theological, I don't believe that the hope issue can be stated enough.
Truly, when one is beaten down by the circumstances of life, one needs hope - the Living Water and the Bread of Life - God's amazing grace - before one is able to process the seemingly endless ways the Sermon can be applied in one's life. Great food for thought! Thanks. TA