Saturday, February 04, 2012

Gandalf World Tour

So on a lighter note... Folks that know me know that I am really into Lord of the Rings. Years ago I watched the complete trilogy in extended versions in a movie theater in Baton Rouge leading up to the world premier of Return of the King (something like 13 hours of Lord of the Rings in one sitting). For Christmas this year I got not one but two Lord of the Rings Pez sets (with Pez dispensers for all of the main characters). But perhaps my nerdiest action related to Lord of the Rings has been my recent participation in The Gandalf World Tour.

A few months ago I was looking for info on the upcoming theatrical version of The Hobbit when I read about the Gandalf World Tour. The tour consists of people who sign up to take a foot tall figure of Gandalf around and take pictures at whatever local attractions one's area might boast. It sounded kind of interesting so I signed up. I had forgotten about signing up until I got an email a few weeks ago that my shift was coming up. Gandalf had made his way from San Antonio to Houston and I was next on the list. So I got Gandalf about a week later and took him around for some pics. I will include a few here but most of the pics were chosen for the Gandalf World Tour site (that gives me some real nerd cred!).

Click on a pictures below to see larger versions of the photos.


greenturtle said...

Well then, you and my husband have something in common.

He also is a big fan of Lord of the Rings and I'm sure would have enjoyed watching the marathon.

I'm not so much, although I'll watch it with him if it's on. I've never seen a film in its entirety.

Penny Murray said...

You definitely earned your "nerd cred." Love how the images came out!

Pi Man said...

Hilariously wonderful and creative!!!