Monday, March 05, 2012

Monday Morning Quarterback - Teaching the Bible Better Pt.6

One thing that has really helped me get better at teaching the Bible over the years has come from the simple practice of listening back to a recording of myself speaking. I know a lot of musicians and pastors who really hate listening to recordings of themselves. I get that! When I first started listening back to recordings from the weekend it was oftentimes really painful. I remember listening back to some of the first recorded messages I had. I could believe how many times I said "like" and "you know". I remember thinking that I sounded like a freakin' valley girl!. The same is true for listening back to live recordings of my singing. But I highly recommend this process to anyone who wants to get better at speaking.

My weekly ritual involves being a Monday morning quarter back, so to speak. I download the podcast from Sunday and go for a jog or a drive and listen. What am I listening for? First off, I just want to see if the talk connects with me. If I am bored by it or distracted by rabbit trails then I know others had to be. Secondly, I pay attention to the intro, the transitions, and the conclusion and try to take note of those aspects that were kind of flat. I am not trying to be a perfectionist, I just want to be sure that I am consistently growing and getting better at communicating. Finally after listening back I start to work on the next weekend's message. This really helps me connect one weekend to the next. I find many times that I actually get inspired with new ideas by listening back to the weekend message.

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