Friday, March 02, 2012

What Could You Really Do With $10,000 Worth of Apps?

It is likely that some time today Apple will cross the 25 billion downloaded apps threshold. To celebrate this they will be awarding a $10,000 App Store Gift Card. While I will probably download some app today when the numbers get much closer to the 25 billion mark, I really have no idea what I would do with $10,000 worth of apps. In my opinion this is kind of a lame prize for such a milestone (at least throw in an iPad and a MacBook Pro). As it stands I have probably spent about $30 total on apps in the last 2 years of owning an iPhone. I love apps but thankfully most of them are very cheap or free.

So the questions for today:
What do you think of the prize?
Will you try to win it?
If you do win it what will you really do with it?


JB said...

I've never downloaded an app I had to pay for, so I'd probably have that gift card for the rest of my life. I'm honestly nervous about downloading "pay apps" like they're a gateway drug or something (never having actually done drugs). First I download one that costs $2, the next thing you know, I'm on meth (or whatever the pay app equivalent is). Really, my ideas about drugs are like from the 1920s, one puff of reefer and you're destined for the hoosegow and/or gutter...

greenturtle said...

Well considering I have an Android phone...

But even if it were for Android apps, I'd never use the whole thing for sure.

I don't necessarily restrict myself to "free only" apps, but the paid ones are seldom more than two dollars.

I have downloaded study guides for various courses I'm taking, like CCNA, COMPTIA, MCITP and the like. Those can run up to ten dollars each or more.

So I'd probably use it for that, but don't think I could fit $10,000 worth on my phone.

Now if you could use the card for downloadable e-books...

Which I have not bought any, based solely on principle.

You'd think that they'd give us a break on the price of an e-book. I can usually buy a cheaper used copy of the book!

NOGILLS2 said...

It reminds me of the trip we won! Everything was paid for, we just had to get there! AND Look at some condo's for sale, didnt have to buy anything, just look!

Sounds like a lot of sales tricks offered, after you investigate, you realize you cant afford it! Who is going to pay the taxes on said free apps? BTW your income just increased and now you have to pay income tax on it also!