Thursday, March 08, 2012

What Mormons Can Teach the IRS - Tithes and Taxes

Planet Money is a great podcast. If you haven't checked it out do yourself a favor. The podcast comes out about 3 times a week in 15-20 minute episodes that all have to deal with economics in some way or another. But this ain't your typical boring economics program. It's quite informative and fun to listen to.

Today I was driving around and getting caught up on a few episodes when I came across an episode on tithing, specifically tithing in the Mormon church. Many a Christian might be surprised to find out that Mormons give more money per capita than any other religious groups (the average church goer in America gives less than three percent of their income). This story was about how the federal government could learn something about creating better tax systems from the Mormons. Tithing has come up as a topic on this blog a few times recently so I thought I would through this podcast episode into the mix.

Check out the podcast here: WHAT MORMONS CAN TEACH THE IRS

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greenturtle said...

I don't know much about the Mormon church, but based on what I've read, those who don't tithe are not granted full access to the temples.

Whatever "full access to the temples" means, but I assume it means that there are certain temples that are only available for people who tithe.

And then my imagination kicked in: What if churches had special "VIP rooms" that only people who paid their tithes that month, could go into?

Similar to the special VIP areas in airports, for people who pay a membership fee.

I actually found the idea comical. It wouldn't be very "christian", mind you, but, comical.

Actually, wait. Is it really any different than some of the practices that go on in churches today? I won't specify, just think about it for a while.